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Emma Elliott, is a wonderful photographer who has learned from M.A. LaConte and Tammie Elliott who have combined 30 years experience in the photography world. Emma has over 8 years experience and is enjoying her love of photography. Whatever the inspiration, your Always and Forever photos will bring joy and love to all.

Photo of the Year 

Photo by Geramy Elliott

Congratulations to Geramy Elliott
for winning the Annual Photo of the Year Contest.

This print is available for sale in the Web Store.

Photography Course Online

We are currently working with Puget Sound Academic Center (PSAC) to offer High School Courses online for Digital Photography Beginners and Intermediate students for Credit towards graduation.  You can live anywhere in the U.S.

Contact us at for more information.


Congratulations to our Co-Owner for placing 3rd in a local Art contest. Below is her print. You can purchase in our web-store.



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