The Mission of Focus Photography is to educate and use skill building techniques in Photography to teach the basics of photography to aid in the next generation of professional photographers.

   Donations to a scholarship fund for the further education of amateur photographers is greatly appreciated.



   Our second Mission of Focus Photography is making charitable donations to Ronald McDonald House; Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; Shriner's Hospital for Burn Victims to name a few.

   Focus Photography donates 10% of all Photography packages to the charity of your choice. If you would like to donate to one of our charities, you may do so below. 

 Our Inspiration

The true meaning of Always and Forever,

An angel sent from above,

Love lifting my spirits up,

Warning me of what could be ahead,

Always by my side, young but wise,

Showing me the way.

Allowing me the freedom to talk in confidence,

Now and forever,

Drying my tears that I do cry.

Falling in love for the first and last time

Owning my heart as well as your own

Romance would help me to carry on

Everyday every night and always,

Victorious over all those who hate me,

Energizing me with your healing love,

Raising my spirits above all the rest

Since you have been guiding me and watching over me,

I will always love you and cherish you

Now and forever,

Always and Forever"

By Maria Culley

 used with permission 2011


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