Welcome to Emma's Gallery.  Emma is a 10th grade  student with Washington Virtual Academy.  She is the recipient of the Bronze Award and Silver Award  from Girl Scouts of Western Washington, a member of 4-H Clubs of America, she enjoys designing and sewing her own clothes and photography.  She is a Senior Photographer for Focus Photography and dreams of circling the world and photographing every moment!  You can help support her college fund by making a purchase today!

Emma is also a Portrait Photographer for Focus Photography as well as Senior Photographer for our Cemetery Project.

 Photos for Sale

 All photos are RAW, unedited, except for a few now in black and white.  These are all on limited print editions and signed by the artist. 

All artist prints 8x10 and larger  come with a COA.  A Replacement Warranty for 5 years is available.  Some photos are not appearing. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


 Crater Lake Exhibit


Abstract Exhibit 






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